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Monday, December 20, 2004


What do you buy for a guy on his birthday?

Come on, dun tell me this question had never crossed your mind...let alone terrorize your poor brain....as u crack it, overwork it and tear it down for an answer. Cause my head goes B-L-A-N-K. I mean, what CAN you buy for a guy?!! A guy who is your close friend, a guy who is not inclined to any special hobbies (ex. figures ;P), a guy who practically already has everything u know he wants. So....WTF ELSE CAN YOU BUY FOR HIM?!??!!

What, step into a hypermart and just pick up the first item you see? Walk into a gift shop and buy all those cute cute ornaments...? But damn that only works for gals. Treat him to a dinner or movie?!! but you can't keep those... ARGGGHH!!!! I CAN'T THINK NO MORE!!! This mental torture is just too much...TAI LOU FONG GOR NGOR PLEASE!!!!!

I mean, WHY issit SO difficult to buy a present for a guy??!! For gals, practically ANYTHING will do. Just as long as they look nice, preferably cute, or maybe something functional like a bag or a purse....

Guys....WHAT CAN YOU BUY?!! Dun tell me buy a shirt or some apparel?! Then you wouldn't know if you've bought the fitting size... perfume?! actually can....but this friend of mine has already gotten himself one...T___T What else??!! I can't think...mental block....T____T And you always have to be caution with your gift as he might just get the wrong idea...

I say...why don't we just set a new trend? When it comes to birthday presents for guys, just pack a red packet with a substantial amount of money. Ahem. Now you may argue this method doesn't have that kind of personal touch...but money makes the world goes round... with money comes flexibility; he can buy anything he likes. Simple, sweet and functional right?

Speaking of birthdays, why do guys and gals have different attitudes towards it? Gals like their birthday to be celebrated. Gals like to be in the limelight on this special day. Gals would like everyone to know their birthday is coming so that everyone could get into the spirit of it. Guys? Now now..they are just the complete opposite. "Grown up liao hor...still wan hold party meh?" "No need la. Birthday nothing special oso...I diam diam celebrate sendiri can liao..." "Huh?!! Is today my birthday?!! I didn't know..."

Oh come on. Isn't your birth to this wonderful world a worthy cause to be celebrated? Or else if you're the conservative type...just spend some time with all your friends and have some fun...


  • I personally want toys....and i'm sure any guy would appreciate some kinda "toy for boys" like maybe electronic gadgets, robots, remote controlled cars, maybe even books.

    Strange that I never got a toy from friends despite how many birthdays I been through. :(

    Oh btw my b'day is 17th July. Remember ya? ;)

    By Blogger WoLF-[x], at 7:55 AM  

  • LOL. Nice one. But if a know a person is into figures...I sure will buy figures for the person...XD XD XD erm....forgot ur birthdate di. :P

    By Blogger Alyssa Cheah, at 5:07 AM  

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