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Friday, December 17, 2004

Japanese Language Lessons

Haih~ after sum searching thru the net... finally found sum language centres offering japanese classes around KL and SJ. But all oso so far~ T__T Sigh. I wished I had persevered in the lessons i took last time...so near and class of four only...but then...SPM near..had to stop....T____T

So as i was sayin, I think I will take my lessons from ICLS SJ...coz it's the only place which is quite safe and the price and length of the course are acceptable too. ^^ But still considering Teikyo Institute as an option...but Japan club in Seputeh...damn sesak jalan la~ T___T although SJ oso jam...but not as bad pa....will be checking out these centres around next week ^__^

So now comes to the next problem. Transport? I dun hav car yet wor...rely on my mom to fetch again meh? @@ so near all those colleges....JAM JAM JAM!!!!! ARGGGHHHH!!!! How how how??!!! Parking oso leh? Siao!!!! ......eh! yea wor...tat time after office hour liao~ will parking be easier? @@ dunno....not familiar with da place....

Another thing...I HATE PPL WHO FFK!!! FFK not due to valid reasons...ffk bcoz of own laziness etc etc etc....PIF!!! I hope u won't ffk me tis time...u know who u are.....


  • Chidori san, honto ni? Nihongo ga bengkyo shimashitaka?

    So desu ne. Ano ..... ganbatte desho

    Better to take ur lessons with Japanese sensei. SS2 have a centre called Ringo Communications with Japanese senseis wor. I used to take my lessons there and may continue to do so next year for level 2.

    Since i dun know where u stay, may or may not be practical for ya. Anyway, let me know if ur interested (can real me at xltoys forum)


    By Blogger ryoga, at 10:44 PM  

  • Who FFK you ?

    I know its not me.

    Who am I? HOHOHOHO

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 PM  

  • SWT.



    By Blogger Alyssa Cheah, at 3:43 AM  

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