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Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's!!!
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Thursday, December 23, 2004


KUNGFU HUSTLE SIMPLY ROCKKKSS!!!! It'll just blow you off your seats!!!!! Man, I really can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy this movie.

Well, it's exactly as how Merlin puts it: "SOHAIness". EXACTLY. Sohaiiizz until you beh tahan. Stephen is back with all his dumbass moves, but then, it's so dumb until it ROCKS!!!! XD XD XD YENG MAN!!!! *thumbs up* I laughed until I almost lost my voice ;P

My favourite scene is where the two of them main chase chase... Wah I never seen anyone run like that...except in cartoons of course XD XD XD And WTF?!??! Blade as a rear view mirror? Gotta try that out soon someday XD XD XD Jump on eagle while making a kungfu stance? Stephen you read too much comic liao la~ XD XD XD Clouds form into the shape of the buddha?!!! I don't know where that guy get all his wacky ideas, but the whole show really makes me feel like I'm in-game >____< and what's with the Mr. Smith thingy from The Matrix? O.o You copycat! :P

Erm, not forgetting today's occasion, which is to celebrate Match's belated birthday -.-|||| Well, hope you had fun. Although I didn't really sense it...=.=|| No thanks to sei Merlin... Pok-kai somemore....-"- But at least Matchy-san you also laugh damn hard during the movie ma....^_~ If one day you really DO explode and beat Merlin up...I will come visit both of you at da hospital XD XD XD Chichi very good hearted one~ Beli nice nice road side porridge for you two makan~ (I'll make sure I'll find one REALLY dirty and disgustingly unedible porridge shop :P)

(hope next year you could get more people than three of us again to come WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD XD XD)


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