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Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's!!!
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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Sorry ya...and thanks >__<

Really sorry de. Honto ni. T____T Sorry for giving you a really hard time, hope you didn't tercekik >___< I feel really bad. T_T Maybe it's due to the fact that this is the first time I went out alone with someone who I don't really know...let alone date. I really dunno what to say or act...T____T. Totally lost.... Actually I did have a great time, but then, dunno why I just can't say it out T________T and hope I didn't break your wallet with all those flowers and gifts....and also your heart :P But the flowers and teddy bear are really REALLY nice, thanks a lot ^^ I like them very much.

Purple colour...my fav colour.They're beautiful!!! Luv 'em ^^

Oh yea and lucky went back a bit early...my parents came back right after I did @@ They still haven't seen the flowers yet...@@ And I really dunno how to explain to them when they do.... T____T Ideas anyone? >___<

Thanks a lot...and...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! ^_________^


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