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Monday, December 27, 2004

Up and coming releases...

Actually wanted to list down each and every coming figures which are worth your time. But due to time constraints, I decided to only list down those that I have pre-ordered. Erm, all of them pre-ordered at Kinokuniya :P Thanks Terry~!!! ^____^

● 天上天下×Pinky:st. THE GREATEST TAG BOXXX!!!!!
【Round01:亜夜】 4月27日発売予定!! 予価:1,470円
Aya in street clothesAya in school uniformReiki~!!

【Round02:真夜】 5月27日発売予定!! 【Round03:五十鈴】 6月27日発売予定!!
Can't wait to get my hands on em!!

● Ecole du Ciel 5巻初回限定版 予価:1,785円
In Kinokuniya 3 weeks time!!They're mine!! MINE!!!! XD XD XD

● アフタヌーン'05年3月号(Afternoon Magazine)
Belldandy!! Afternoon Magazine!

● 電撃萌王 Vol.13 3月26日発売予定!! 予価:980円
Dengeki MoE Vol.13!!! Must get!!!


  • That's quite a list there...as for me, I need to be really selective with the figures i'm gonna get since i spent a lot this year :P... heh my will power has gone down after joining xl-forums... Anyways nice blog...nice modifications and congratulations on being appointed moderator of the forums.--lytros--

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:21 AM  

  • wow.....yummy figurines..
    makes me wanna have them too
    its hakusaku btw :)

    By Blogger Mohamad, at 1:23 AM  

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