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Monday, January 24, 2005


ARGH!!!! My bandwidth keep exceeding non-stop!!! *sob sob* T____T

Just yesterday, I have to re-register new accounts at geocities and freewebtown because I've used up all my bandwidth again....T_T And it's frigging bugging me.

I only use Geocities to host my images....like that also can overshot. =.=|| But it's still ok, because that's not too often.


After only 5 days I've opened my new account, the bandwidth already overshot.


Now why do I use freewebtown? Because that's the only free hosting service I found which can upload files bigger than 5MB. That's where I upload my mp3s.

Darn. Hope it doesn't explode this fast this time round.

Anyone got any better suggestions as to where I should host my files? T____T


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