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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Busy Week.

Man. I can't breathe.

Suddenly, there are so many things to do, so many things to accomplish, and so little time....

I can just list down the offers that came to me in just these few days. Endless. Mostly jobs concerning cars, drums...and one big giant university offer that they 'claimed' they don't give out anymore. Oh well...money makes the world go round....*rolleyes*

Ok!!! Here goes!!!

1. Teaching job at Sayfol International School
A bit stupid job...one hour ONLY every friday teaching kids of different nationalities how to play drums....=.=|| The transportation fees also exceeds the pay T_T Well, luckily I'm not the one who's paying. ;P It's RM50 CASH for every hour btw. Well looks at the bright side...I should be honoured because all the other teachers are from NSO that's National Symphony Orchestra MIND YOU) So...that's travelling all the way to Ampang every week for just one hour of teaching for me...T_T

2. IMU offer
OH GREAT. And they CLAIMED so defiantly that they stopped giving out conditional offers to applicants without actual results since last year. And that was my main reason I applied actually :P Because I was quite sure I wouldn't get it. BUT I DID. WTF! There are so many other things I wanna do wanna achieve...I thought I had my free time until August!!!! T_________T ARGGGHHH!!!!!!!!

3. Japanese Lessons
Every Monday and Thursday are occupied then. But the Japanese sensei is SO KAWAII!!!!! >___< Real cute lady ^^ And lenglui too!!!! I like!!!!! ^_~ Not much of work here...because the syllabus is quite easy...only thing is the time and travelling....>_<

4. Car Show
The main reason I'm on a race to slim down now. But still don't know if I'll get the job or not. Something about posing for some car show for 5 hours a day over a period of 3 days...and get paid RM180-200. The catch is...YOU'LL HAVE TO WEAR HOTPANTS AND TIGHT-FITTING TOP!!! >___< Well I don't really mind....and the job seems fine. Safe in a public place. But...the job is about the same time...when I start my studies!!! DARN!!!

5. F1 gal and other events
...which I'm going for an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck. ^_~

6. 1st stage selection
Some 1st stage online selection for some modelling agency for their 04/05 models which I've passed. O.o Langsung taktau aper. Just saw their ad at klue.com.my so ma simply sent some photos of myself over. Hmmm.....Weird. But sounds cool. Hope I do get selected in the end anyway. ^__^

So...basically I guess that's all. Unless I've missed out any. I wouldn't know..too many things happening at the same time. Till the next time...See ya then!!! :P

P.S: I've uploaded a few new pics...I know quite a few of you will like them....*evil evil evil*


  • Hope a few of like them??? Hahaha... the guys in the forums are all crazy over your new avatar and with this new pics??? Man... they'll worship u for this new pics...Well looks like u have a real hectic week with all this job and interviews stuff...getting busy with useful stuff thats good...Haih susah nak cari budak-budak rajin macam ni zaman sekarang..uhuh-uhuk...(in an old man's voice). Well anyways nice pics and all the best in ur interviews. Over and out. -Lytros-

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:34 PM  

  • Thanks Lytros for your comments!!! ^_~

    Go crazy? Nah...someone told me my pic looks like ghost who head kena pull....=.=|||

    By Blogger Alyssa Cheah, at 12:20 AM  

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