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Monday, January 10, 2005

Just how blinded can a person be?!?!

Oh well. Middle of the morning, and what am I still doing online? Reading some stupid bashing about a certain toyshop which has 2 branches in PJ. How exciting!!! It's even better than reading an Agatha Christie novel. I'm not naming any names here, but here's a screenshot of the shop's website.

Some toyshop in and around PJ?

Oops, I guess their logo is too big. ;P

Anyway, this heated discussion was started by some unsatisfied customer who couldn't promptly get his deposit back from the shop when his pre-orders did not arrive on time. Well, I could understand that as it is not easy to satisfy each and every customer that steps into your shop. But I still think that the deposit should be given back ON THE SPOT if the customer wishes to do so when the promised goods doesn't arrive.

Then HORDES of unsatisfied customers come into the picture and start all the bashing. It seems that this toyshop has a bad policy in returning deposits and holds a bad reputation of defaming other local shops.

Ok then, fine with me, the owner could just give a sincere apology and try to change for the better. Like what Diamond Comic did is really notable...THEY ABOLISHED THE DEPOSIT POLICY!!! And without any bashing from anyone also...Now that's what I call real businessmen who really knows how to run their businesses.

BUT NOO...This dude here has to be SO defensive on everything...blaming everyone, including their customers and their suppliers for everything...EVERYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES. "NO IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!! It's the suppliers who just won't keep their promises!! Are you all so stupid to understand such a simple fact?!?!" SO WHAT?!?! Other toyshops don't seem to have any problems with their suppliers. And all you're doing is sit around whining in some forum??!! To me, he do sounds like a kid who can't face the consequences of his own actions. Those aren't his actual words, but he might as well say that out loud.

Sad to say this...but he INDEED has a serious attitude problem. I'm not judging this from all the complaints he gets and all the bad rumours about his shop...but I'm judging this from the replies he posted. He even had the guts to publicly post his customers' personal details just to prove he's in the right. HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO BLINDED??!!! Even a perfect piece of good advice was treated back with acute sarcasm.

He's just speaking the truth for heaven sake?!

To which he replied: Wow, thanks for taking the time and trouble at this hour of the morning to register a new nick!


Now that's what I call real gratefulness.

Well, I guess the truth hurts.

Been planning to check out this shop sometime soon, but I guess I'll just bring my business to somewhere else.

Cheers!!! ^_^


  • again, you are judging on a baseless grounds of nonsense. On what grounds have you the right to say others as being dishonest and unethical when you only know half ( not even half) the story? are you the owner of the shop? for fucking sakes, just because some of the so called "customer" are making a riot here, doesn't mean they are the right ones, and the owner as the bad guys.

    Please people, use your brain and have a sec of thought, by the time you think it over, you might differ your answer.

    Anywyas, i don;t see that you might have any differ in your opinion, coz like wise, you are another so called "follower" of what it "seems" to be right. Be use ur brain and critically analyse it. If you have the brain that is.

    I find no fact nor interest in reading your post any further, coz it must have sucked

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:06 PM  


    Either you don't understand english, or u don't give a damn.


    I only said Kavin had an attitude problem. And I seriously AM SURE ABOUT THAT. FROM THE REPLIES HE POSTED. So now go fuck your urself.

    Well, I guess you don't even have brains to do that.


    By Blogger Alyssa Cheah, at 11:01 PM  

  • Now now..cool down.. =D

    As much as you or anyone else hates them, I think you should keep names anoynomous. But that's just IMHO.

    By Blogger WoLF-[x], at 7:47 AM  

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