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:: Chidori Haruka 千鳥春華 ::
+August 15th 1985+

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's!!!
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Friday, January 28, 2005

A normal day of a normal girl named Chidori.

Nothing much to blog about...so I'll just illustrate how today passed in the blink of an eye.


At 11:05am was woken up by a call from Perak. WTF~!!! Disrupt my beauty sleep pulak. Zzzzzz...And siape tu?!!! @@ Ask for me but later on when I ask her to repeat what's she's mumbling about she said wrong number.....ARGH!!!! PIF!!!! My lesbian admirer issit? Hmph.

Awake jor...ma called a number for a job an ex-colleague recommended to me. Aiyak...sei for. 3pm interview pulak. =.=|| ARGGHH!!!! Don't care la....T___T

...12.30pm started to travel to that darn far Sayfol International School already. All my mom's fault. Bising bising bising SO NOISY!!!! Say what late liao la this time got jam la bla bla bla....Ears pain dah. T___T

...but really got jam.....Haiz....
Daily affair at Jalan Bukit
(Daily affair at Jalan Bukit)

More jam...
Jam jam jam...
(Jam jam jam...)

AND more jam.....T___T
...peanut butter jam~!! ^^
(...peanut butter jam~!!! ^^)

...and still end up half an hour early. DAMN!!!!


So I went to curi masuk this restaurant's parking from behind (it's RM3 per entry...PIF) and took a nap there for the remaining time. ^ ^
Sneak in from behind!!! Free parking!!!
(Sneak in from behind!!! Free parking!!! :P Kids don't try this at home. XD XD XD)

2pm!!! Time's up!!! OK TIME TO TEACH THOSE LITTLE BRATS SOME 18SX TECHNIQUES~!!!!! XD XD XD ...errr....it's drum techniques actually. :P YEAH~~~ Another RM50 earned~!!! XD XD XD nice nice for only 1 hour. ^_^
Teach teach~!! XD XD XD
(Sayfol International School. Time to teach!!! XD XD XD)

Next up!!! Rush to McDs in Taman Connaught for job interview.
Taman Connaught
(Taman Connaught. I miss their pasar malam!!! T_T)

Reached....called the agent....WTF?!?!?! STILL AT PUCHONG!??!?!

.......-.-||| ARGH.

Looks I'm cursed to wait for other people today. T___T

Lalala~~~ tick tock tick tock....hang out at Giant supermarket...

...stare at the passing aeroplane above....
It's a bird...it's a bee...IT'S A PLANE!!!
(It's a bird...it's a bee...IT'S A PLANE!!! :P)

...gaze at the beautiful setting sun...
Blazing sun setting on the horizon.
(Blazing sun setting on the horizon.)

And of course....me me AND MORE ME!!!! XD XD XD
Lenglui mou? :P
(Lenglui mou~? :P)

Hahaha...back to topic. :P

Anyway got the job so I'll be working this weekend at Sg Wang for some optical shop. ^_^ Abit scary though...I'm all alone. T__T No colleague also. And this is my first time!!! I don't know what to do!!!! T_____T

Back at home!!!
Aunty Chidori. T_T
(Aunty Chidori. T_T)

Looks familiar? >_<

A pic I took imitating CY's new avatar. Lolz. And I failed miserably!!! Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu.......T___________T

Looks like aunty!!! Noooooooo..............T_________T

What a nice way to end my day.

...looks like i gonna have nightmares tonight. -__-"


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