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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Pinky:st ATTACK!!!

More Pinky:st poison coming!!! I'll only list those that are possible for us to get, and not those that only can be sought through some mail-order in Japan or whatsoever...

So here goes!!!

rmPinky企画 [1,260円] [2005年3月予定]
RMP01 rmPinky1 なづなImRMP02 rmPinky2 まゆら
RMP03 rmPinky3 カイネ, frontview!!RMP03 rmPinky3 カイネ, backview!!

Street Fighter 春麗・さくら

Da Capo 朝倉音夢・白河ことり

天上天下×Pinky:st. THE GREATEST TAG BOXXX!!!!! [1,470円][2005年4月-6月予定]
亜夜 in street clothes亜夜 in school uniform天上天下 真夜・五十鈴

KOF 不知火舞・麻宮アテナ

Gunslinger Girls


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