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Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's!!!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Angpows. Surprise surprise. O.o

Oh well. Since it's CNY, let's talk about angpows. With the current economy setback and all...like each and every other year, the angpow collection keeps diminishing. Sigh. T_T

But this year, I do get some 'weird' angpows....ok not to say weird, but angpows that are not out of the norm. Angpows that came as real surprises. O.o

Case number 1: My first angpow of this year

...from r****!!!!! (name censored for anonymity) Seriously, I wasn't expecting it at all. Was just joking at some forums to a married friend, suggesting to him to leave our angpows at a certain TOY shop (go figure :P) so we could go there and collect them. And darn he did JUST THAT!!!! OMG!!! O.o I'm truly surprised. And he did leave quite a few angpows for quite a few forumers too....with a more than substantial amount of $$$ inside PLUS 2 considerably pricey tickets for some rides. OH WOW!!!! O.o O.o O.o And damn I've never even met him before in my 19 years of existence!

Truly a graceful and generous gesture out of the goodwill spirit of CNY. Thanks a lot!!!! ^.^

And oh...please do not be offended by this article if you're reading this.....*sweatdrops*

Case number 2: OMG!!!!!!! (can't think of a better title -__-")

RM200 from a friend!!!!! O.o Who is NOT married!!! O.o O.o O.o Can you BELIEVE THAT?!?! O.o O.o O.o Omigawd omigawd omigawd!!!! *imagine my dropped jaw*

Ahem....I know he'll be reading my blog....ahem ahem....don't angry yah.....XD XD XD

And oh, he prefers the angpow to be known as a....gift. =.= So from now on...the $$$ will be addressed simply as 'THE GIFT' and not angpow....=.=|||

So, back about...'THE GIFT'. Didn't really wanna take it because he's not married and all and bla bla bla.... So he just stretched out his hands towards me with the $$$...OOPS....with 'THE GIFT' I mean (:P) amidst the passing crowd while STILL walking down the...erm....street, (Street?!? erm....perhaps lane is a better word? O.o You know those lanes in front the row of shops in shopping complexes....O.o) threatening to add in another note every 30 minutes if I still don't accept it. And darn I know he'll do just that if I don't comply.


Not that I'm complaining.....BUT.....


...talk about force selling. I'm sure he'll do just great in direct selling. :P (pun intended...no hard feelings ya? XD XD XD)

Oh well, it IS a nice gift.... the perfect gift I would say. (DUH what else could be better than raw $$$?!??!?!) So I'll be thankful for it. :P Just that I feel weird accepting $$$ from someone who is NOT your parents, relatives or boss NOT in the form of angpow.

Anyway, thanks again. ^_^ Really appreciate it. I just don't know how long it'll last anyway......Bleh. Don't blame me yarh? XD XD XD

I guess that's all there is for this year's angpows.

Oh yeah...did I mention about the angpow with only a meagre RM1 in it? From my Form 6 form teacher for two years...=.=||| Well I know she kinda hates us....but.....? I mean, it really gives a bad impression when you give out RM1 angpows to your students who's been doing all your donkey work and bearing all your weird tempers for the last 2 years. If it was me, I'd rather NOT give ANY angpows than to give out RM1 ones. And there was only like 5 of us who went. (give face mar) That also she kinda have to FORCE us (or rather, a classmate of mine entrusted by her for the task did it) to visit her house. -_-"

Now that's something I really REALLY hate. Other people have no right whatsoever to make any kind of decisions on my behalf, DAMMIT. Especially someone who's NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ME. I was just THIS CLOSE (imagine the distance between 2 fingers pressed closely together with all your might) of giving the classmate of mine a bash of vulgar scolding.


Happy Chinese New Year!!!



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