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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Night Sky. White Cars. WTF?!?!

Oh yeah just to add, on my whole way to ss15 for my japanese lesson on Monday, there were darn lots of not working traffic lights...the worst one being the junction right after the LDP turnoff at the Summit.

I actually purposely scrolled down my car's window just to get a perfect shot of the congested junction beneath the darkening sky whilst my car was stucked right in the middle of the junction.

And I did had a perfect shot...until this stupid white car HAD TO jump right in front of my camera and block everything!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!! PIFFFFF!!!!!!!!!
Stupid white car. Curse you!!! T_T

My perfect shot gone........


P.S: I sure hope the owner of the car is not a reader of my blog....@@


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