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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Another bad hair day. T__T

Today the business was damn bad...nobody wanna buy any contact lenses. Sick already plus sorethroat...still have to work. T_T What's worst is no matter how much I try to talk and persuade people today none of them seems to work. T___T Today, I'm the invisible girl. Everyone just walked past me without batting an eyelid. PIFFF!!!!!!

And I've got some weird rashes on the left side of my face. UGLY!!!! >_<

ARGGHHHH!!!!!!! I HATE TODAY!!!!!! T_____________T


  • Funny. Was trying to buy contact lenses from my usual clinic today but it was closed. Heh.

    Rashes ah, bet it's just some skin sensitivity to something dirty or whatever. If it doesn't go away the next day or get better, maybe go see doc or something.

    By Blogger Kawa, at 4:05 AM  

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