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Monday, March 07, 2005

End of Orientation. Woohoo!!!

Yeah. I'm back. After a week's break. =.=|||

In fact, I'm using my uni's pc to blog now...coz it's easier and its free....^^

Woohoo!!! Orientation's lotsa fun, mostly because I'm lucky to have superb group members and SUPER-FUN Orientation Officers, namely Stephen, Ding & Deva. They're all really cute and lots of laughs. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ^_^

And oh, I'm glad to say that we won the first place after lotsa hardwork. A lot of other teams broke up etc etc, but all our members went through everything together with excellent teamwork. Top-notch. The most notable being our team leader, Dan who even followed us all the way on our strainous treasure hunt although he has asthma.

I would NEVER remember David in those ultra tight super big boobs of Maria Shut-it-up-lah~ from Russia!!!! You're super hot man!!!! *drools* Betcha you've got every guy in the auditorium craving for ya!!!

Before I forget, I'll take back my words about the yongsuiness. Coz at last I've saw quite a few of lengluis!! Woohoo!!!! But too bad most of the lengluis are not my batch....T_______T lengcais also....sobs.....T__T


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