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+August 15th 1985+

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sorry. Haiz. T_T

Just got my stpm results. Everything's in a mess right now. T_T

It would really REALLY help if my results were better but.....SIGH.

My head is damn spinning now. PIF.

I see stars and moons... ARGHHHH!!!!! Can you just please stop bugging me bout all the stupid applications and where to go? And everytime everything is all...all just about MONEY!!!! $$$!!!! Nothing more but blabbers about $$$?!?!?!

Fuck. Damn Fuck.

I need to get out of this mess.

And sorry I couldn't update sooner. Sobs. T____T


  • Hey Chidori,

    Whoa, chin up, smile. It's not the end of the world. My wifey din do too well for her STPM too, but she's making over 10K now. Secret is really simple - dun give up on ur education and most important, strive to be independent.

    Take some time to reflect on what u want to do, roughly draw a plan how u want to achieve this, then .... just do it. Everything else will fall in place. Of course u will need to know what u want to do first.

    Not making the grades doesn't mean dat's it. I know cause I ain't an A student myself. I juz had to go through a tougher obstacle course to be where I am today. And at the end, all those hardship made me the more wiser and tougher, while all those dat had it easy had to learn the hard way abt life instead.

    The real tough part will come later, when u fall in luv - but dats another story.

    Work within ur budget, and try to make the best with what u have. U'll find out later how these things have their own way of rewarding you.

    Ganbatte ne

    PSST - we really miss u at xl.

    By Blogger Ryoga, at 1:01 AM  

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