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Monday, March 28, 2005

Stream of Memories.

Been contemplating to sell some of my figures for $$$ to finance my new 1/7 Takako Kinoshita Swimsuit Ver. by Kotobukiya. Ok not contemplating, but actually really near to selling them.

While packing them into their original boxes, stream of memories began flooding into my mind. I thought these few particular ones didn't hold much memories about myself and my past, but they did. They were the sole witnesses of a different phase of myself in the past, a part of me that I have long forgotten, and I've never realised that.

Figures....why do people collect them?

Some buy them just to make their living room look pretty, some just have too much $$$ they don't know where to dispose of, some collect them because they remind them of scenes from the anime/game which they like.

For me, it's abit different.

Of course, I buy them because I like them, because I'm some sort of a freak for anime. And perhaps in the past, some sort of way to meet up with someone I really like. ^_^

But bottomline is, they bring back memories of myself. They remind me of a part of myself that have changed over the course of time, a different phase of my life that I can never turn back to again no matter how much I want to.

They remind me of people from the past, persons who were dear to me, people who I have came to love, to hate.

People that are now gone from my side.

The figures have became vessels that capture that particular moment of myself and people who I've loved, scenes that I will never forget as long as I live.

Moments that I've wished could've last forever and forever.

But what's gone is gone, all left in me is only memories and pure memories, so near but yet so far, something that's in my grasp but also isn't at the same time.

Something so vague....and fragile.

....missing you.


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